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Residential Remortgage Mortgages

Remortgage to borrow extra money for a better deal 

Would you like to cut you monthly repayments pay off debts or reduce the term of your mortgage? We can even help if you’re looking to increase your borrowing while you move your mortgage or save you money by switching to a lower interest rate than your current lender. We've been helping people find the best mortgage tailored to our client’s individual needs, so we’re sure we could find a mortgage that will suit your needs. 

With interest rates currently at an all time low why not find out what best special deals, fixed rates, discounted trackers, capped rates and cashback, offset  mortgages, banks vs building societies or private banks. There are some great deals out there still if you know where to look. The process of remortgaging is  very simple but finding the best mortgage for your circumstances can be a bit of a minefield to compare every mortgage available to you, as well as some  exclusive deals. We can search the WHOLE UK MARKET to get you quotes from all the UK lenders, plus we will complete a cost benefit analyses to insure it is in your financial best interests to change lenders.  

You should always seek independent advice when considering your mortgages options. We will access the whole market to find you the best product for your circumstances tailored to our client’s individual needs. The easiest way to do this is to get independent advice on the whole market and our service offers this.

There are four main reasons why people remortgage:
• To reduce your monthly repayments by securing a cheaper mortgage 
• To release some of the value built up in your property for other spending, such as home improvements or paying off debts 
• To reduce monthly repayments by extending the term of your mortgage, which will mean it takes longer to pay off the loan and could cost more 
• To reduce the mortgage term – by finding a cheaper deal and keeping repayments the same you could be mortgage-free sooner. 

Don’t worry if you have had previous credit problems or missed payments we may be able to help. You may even have been turned down previously and thought you were unable to obtain that better rate. We have access to specialist lenders to help you, in arranging remortgages for people with special circumstances, including no proof of income, no certified accounts, a bad credit record or mortgage arrears. 

It's easy to move your mortgage and many lenders will pay your fees! You may wish to free up some of the capital tied up in your home or simply find a more competitive interest rate. Our mortgage experts can help you through the entire process when remortgaging.