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Lasting Power of Attorney

Drafting a Lasting Power of Attorney, you should seek our advice before considering an Lasting Power of Attorney. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone that you trust as an ‘attorney’ to make decisions on your behalf. Attorneys can make decisions for you when you no longer wish to or when you lack the mental capacity to do so. It is in two parts of Lasting Power of Attorney – Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare.

Health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney, allows you to choose one or more people to make decisions for things such as medical treatment. A health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney can only be used if you lack the ability to make decisions for yourself.

The Property and financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney a property and financial affairs Lasting Power of Attorney lets you choose one or more people to make property and financial affairs decisions for you. This could include decisions about paying bills or selling your home. You can appoint someone as an attorney to look after your property and financial affairs at any time. You can also include a condition that means the attorney can only make decisions when you lose the ability to do so.

A Last Will and Testimony is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out and your estate passes on to future generations in the way that you intend. No one likes to think about what will happen when they die, and it is estimated that around two thirds of people in the UK die without having made a valid Will. 

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