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Estate planning

Estate planning, people will have an Inheritance Tax liability by simply being a home owner. If you own more than £325,000. Then, that is taxed at 40%. 

If you think that’s still not me, think again. This includes the total of everything you own and a share of anything you own jointly.

Things that might count towards your estate include:

•Property or investment buy to let property.

•Investments, Unit trust, bonds

•Life insurance policy’s

•Payment from a pension plan or employee death benefit (unless in a trust).

•Other assets, for example, cars, art, jewellery, furniture.

•Even gifts you have made in the last seven years.

Without the right estate planning, inheritance tax could substantially

You should consider writing or checking your Last Will and Testimony is suitable, you should probably include some form of Power of Attorney (LPA)  as well.

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