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Private Medical Insurance

Choosing private medical insurance PMI policies are complex so it's best to take independent financial advice to help you choose one. None of us likes to think about falling ill, but making provision for the worst can save a lot of worry and stress if it does happen. NHS waiting times can be long, depending on where you live and which procedure you need, but if you have health insurance, you have the power to choose where and when you have treatment. Private medical insurance needn't be expensive, and there are plenty of cheap plans available which can give you peace of mind you will be well looked after in the event you become ill. If you are interested in private health insurance then we can help, we can compare Private Medical Insurance in minutes from the UK’s leading health insurance providers. Leading Health Insurance providers like Bupa, AXA PPP healthcare, Aviva healthcare, HealthFund, Groupama, Childsure, CIGNA, Health-on-Line, General and Medical Healthcare, Medical Care Direct, Exeter Family Friendly to name a few.

As the NHS is not able to satisfy all of its users, approximately one million people are on a NHS waiting list, 25 per cent of whom are on the list for longer than one year. The benefits of Private Medical Insurance are clear with No NHS waiting lists, treatment will usually be provided in a private hospital, the patient can choose the date of treatment and the choice of consultant who provides treatment but most of all Private Medical Insurance gives you peace of mind.  

So just how much is private healthcare? This is often the first question that someone asks when enquiring about private health care plans. The simple answer is that it depends. There are hundreds of medical insurance policies available on the market offering various levels of cover, and premiums are dependent on the type of cover required.  

Other types of protection you many need to consider MPPI protection, critical illness and provides important protection to people, to protect their income and  finances during long term or serious illness.

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