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Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Accident, Sickness unemployment Cover.

Thinking about Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Accident, Sickness, Unemployment Cover? This type ofprotection designed for the unexpected and help you maintain a regular income due to an accident, sickness or unemployment, sol you pay the mortgage, household bills and other expenses. Some of us have life insurance linked to our mortgage but only 16% of us are covered for accident and sickness. How long will your employer pay out if you are off work due to sickness?

Consider the Following:

It’s a fact that millions of people of working age will be off work for a sustained period of time through an accident or sickness. If you suffered an accident or unemployment, what would the impact be on you and your family’s future? Would you lose the lifestyle and security you have worked so hard for? Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance will help you ensure you won’t suffer financial hardship even if your health suffers or you are unemployed. Protecting your mortgage payments means you will not lose the roof from over your head, and more importantly will provide reassurance at a time that can be quite stressful.

Due to advances in medical care, many people may consider the inclusion of critical illness cover as the likelihood of a critical illness claim significantly increases. Critical illness insurance is a benefit that can be either free standing or a "bolt on benefit".

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