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Family Protection

Considering Family Income Benefit, Life or Critical Illness insurance we can help you to find the cheapest, flexible and most competitive quotes in the market today. We compare every UK life insurance policy to get the lowest rates with free Independent financial advice for Mortgage Term Assurance, Whole of Life  Critical Illness Insurance, ASU/MPPI and Income Protection and don’t for get Private Medical Insurance PMI.

Whole of Life Cover provides for your family if you die with a cash lump sum, but the need for protection doesn’t stop there. Imagine how your family would cope if you were to die prematurely or be diagnosed with a critical illness?  

Critical Illness Insurance usually protects you against cancer, coronary artery bypass, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis and stroke. With advances in medical science mean that where previously people died from all types of serious illnesses, more and more are surviving. Not only do you and your family need to come to terms with your illness, but you still have the mortgage and all those other household bills to pay. And if you’re off work, you may not have a salary coming in each month.  

It would be easy to think that protection products are all more or less the same. But they aren't, and understanding what’s on offer in the market and matching the right plan to your particular needs is a skill based on knowledge and experience. So why wouldn’t you ask for the best advice and help taking  into account your needs, your budget, flexibility before recommending them to you.  

Then what happens if your child became ill with a critical illness every parent’s worst nightmare. Now you can include child critical illness cover. So if your child is diagnosed with a specific critical illness and is eligible to claim, a lump sum is paid. Giving parents the flexibility to take time off work or even pay for private treatment; allowing them to focus on the most important thing looking after their loved ones.

Just one call, provides all the support services and advice from what and where to purchase, arranging the right finance and insurances that you need at a price that's right for you.

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