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Home owner finance

Secured loans are useful if you need to borrow a substantial amount. Maybe you’re a homeowner wanting a loan to improve your property then a  Secured loan, also known as homeowner loans, offer a way to borrow larger amounts for less by using your home as equity.

Let us help you in finding the right secured loan for you

So if you are looking to borrow over £25,000 we can shop around for the cheapest deal is therefore the best way to ensure that you pay as little interest as possible. You could borrow up to 90% loan to value of your property for almost any purpose. Secured loan, also known as homeowner loans can help you can make improvements to your current home, and will add value to your house when the time comes to sell.

Choosing a secured loan is a good option for people who have had problems in obtaining other types of loans because their credit score is less than perfect. As the lender is lowering their risk because the property is offered as security a secured loan can be easier to obtain, which is why they are normally cheaper than unsecured loans. We access to lenders to many lenders that will look sympathetically to people who have had credit problems in the past.

Applications for additional borrowing are subject to the loan to value and must meet our current lending requirements. To find your best secured loans deal we compare the widest selection available to make finding the best deal quick and easy.

You may consider looking Bridging loans a short-term funding option and depending on the type and criteria could be for up to 12 months. Whatever the reason you need access to finance quickly, one of our advisers will be happy to discuss with you whether a bridging loan is the right solution or if another option might suit you better.

There are risks involved in borrowing via secured loans, though. You could, for example, lose your home if you fall behind with the repayments, so it is vital to ensure that you do not overstretch yourself