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Buying in a market town?

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Buying a home in a market town will cost you an average of £34,000 more than in neighbouring areas, with one in five costing an extra £100,000.  According to research market towns have become more than 30% more expensive than they were ten years ago, and seven out of ten have prices above their county average.  With MMB finance being based within Wiltshire Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire where we are well blessed with many market towns and villages. If you need expert local help and advice simply click here to find more about our mortgage range

Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire and Alresford in Hampshire are the next dearest, with average prices of £748,001 and £492,645 respectively. For many, market towns offer the perfect combination of rural living with easy access to shops and other facilities. Market towns continue to be popular with homebuyers looking for a quality of life associated with country living. These locations offer many benefits such as idyllic surroundings, history and wonderful homes without compromising on many other important amenities. As a result, the majority of homes in market towns command a significant premium over their neighbouring towns. And house prices in market towns are rising fast - up by an average of £546 per month over the last ten years. The rise is biggest in Henley-on-Thames, where properties are 70% more expensive than a decade ago.

Market Towns with the highest premium over county house prices 2016

Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire: average £748,001 (premium 95%)

Marlborough, Wiltshire: average £439,658 (premium 71%)

Alresford, Hampshire: average £492,645 (premium 69%)

Posted by MMB Finance Swindon on 31 October 2016